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An Tobar, Tobermory


Another retro-styled deadpan fairytale from Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki


In the port of Le Havre, African refugees are found in a shipping container, one boy escapes. Hunted by police, Idrissa is taken in by local shoe-shine Marcel; something of a loveable rogue, living in the margins. Times are hard and it seems the locals are too. Matters complicate more when Marcel’s wife is unexpectedly taken to hospital. Le Havre is pure Kaurismaki; steeped in the director’s distinctive style. Resting somewhere between today’s reality and the innocence of an earlier age, his rebuke of the treatment of refugees is delivered with deadpan authority. It’s warm and funny while keeping the grim truth of his subject close at hand. If you’re already familiar with Kaurismaki, you’ll not be disappointed by the winning charm of Le Havre. If you’ve yet to discover his allure, this is a great place to start.


“Aki Kaurismäki’s latest is a deliciously deadpan fable steeped in his usual empathy for the underdog” TOTAL FILM

“Le Havre is a heavily stylised, occasionally wistful tale about generational friendship and doing right in the face of wrong” MOVIEREVIEW

“a continual pleasure, seamlessly blending morose and merry notes with a deftness that's up there with Kaurismaki's best comic work” VARIETY